Party Packages & Gift Certificates

Even though our regular tickets are designed with celebrations in mind, our Party Package offers a lot more capacity and a few added birthday necessities for a very reasonable price!

Twelve Players & 6 Spectators – $3,450

  1. Exclusive access to The VR Zone Family Arcade for 3 hours
  2. Access to ALL SECTIONS: The Race Track, Playstation Arena, Nintendo Village, Virtual Reality, PC Gaming & The Karaoke & Board Game Lounge (Multiplayer available in all sections)
  3. Music/Karaoke Host, Attendants & Servers
  4. Unlimited Popcorn + Softdrink + Water for everyone (players & spectators)
  5. Professional Photographs & Videos taken on the day
  6. Happy Birthday Balloon & Premium VR Zone Sweater with custom name printed for Birthday Person
  7. You’re allowed to bring your own birthday cake and light eats (eg. pizza, hot dogs, pastries).

Gift Certificates

Certificates are only made for the individual tickets.

Price of the Certificate is the ticket cost plus $100

Call or WhatsApp to purchase gift certificates