1. What is The VR Zone Family Arcade?
    • A private gaming arcade offering VR and classic games in a safe, clean environment.
  2. Where is The VR Zone located?
    • 92 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad
  3. How can I book a gaming session?
    • Through the online booking system. Over-the-phone bookings is unavailable.
  4. What types of games are available?
    • A mix of virtual reality, console, simulation and classic arcade games.
  5. Are the gaming areas private?
    • Yes, each reservation is private. No other customers are allowed during your session.
  6. What are the cleanliness and safety measures?
    • The arcade uses medical-grade disinfectants on all contact areas, surfaces and consoles. A thorough sanitisation process is done between all reservations.
  7. Is there a walk-in option?
    • No, the arcade operates strictly on a reservation basis.
  8. Can spectators join gamers?
    • Only ticket holders are allowed to play games. Spectators are only observers.